Trilogy Search Series Ep.6: Stijn Hendrikse – Ep.158

This is the last of a six-episode series with Trilogy Search Partners focused on Search, Search-backed acquisitions, and small business operations. Today we have a great conversation with Stijn Hendrikse, an operating partner at Trilogy.

As an author of, serial entrepreneur, and marketing leader, Stijn has contributed to the success of 10+ startups as a C-level executive, including the Chief Revenue Officer of Acumatica and CEO of MightyCall, a SaaS contact center solution.

Stijn founded Kalungi – the global leading Growth-as-a-Service provider focused solely on B2B SaaS companies, and, an AI-powered conversation platform that allows small business owners to service their customers better.

Before focusing on startups, Stijn led global SMB Marketing and B2B Product Marketing for Microsoft’s Office platform.

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(1:53) – Breaking down the SAAS business model

(4:22) – What are some of the SAAS companies and marketing teams you’ve been a part of over your career?

(7:20) – What led you to ultimately work with Search Funds?

(11:22) – What kinds of companies do you encourage Searchers to look for?

(13:50) – How do you value the effectiveness of a marketing function in a company?

(20:03) – Where can early CEOs improve on pricing?

(25:58) – Do you recommend any proactive communication cadence with customers?

(30:45) – How do you start developing a high-performing marketing function? 

(33:38) – When does bringing on a fractional CMO make sense?

(35:24) – What’s the best mix long-term for in-house marketing vs. outsourcing?

(37:36) – How do you find the right person to grow within your marketing function

(42:17) – What strategies do successful CEOs use to help get teams behind their vision?

(43:49) – What’s really important to know about the Ideal Customer Profile?

(48:25) – How do you develop an effective outbound campaign?

(57:36) – How incoming CEOs can add value

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