Orlando Remak and Jalen Ross – HOA Management Holding Company – Ep.162

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My guests on this episode are Jalen Ross and Orlando Remak, cofounders of CAM Collective, a holding company for association management companies like HOAs founded in April 2022. Today they have four member companies. I was lucky enough to meet Orlando during a trip to Ohio two years ago before he had started CAM Collective and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him and Jalen.

We talk about being intentionally decentralized while remaining focused on one industry and business model, focusing on growing revenue vs achieving cost savings, looking for ways to automate processes, hiring at a holding company level, and creating a partnership vs. being solo entrepreneurs.

I’m sure you’ll be able to tell very quickly, but Jalen and Orlando beyond being partners are also clearly great friends and are very fun to chat with. I hope you enjoy this episode with Jalen and Orlando.

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The CAM Collective

Orlando on LinkedIn

Jalen on LinkedIn


(4:22) – What is the CAM Collective?

(5:09) – What kind of content would you make around CAM?

(6:41) – What are some crazy HOA Management stories?

(11:47) – Why were HOAs interesting to you?

(15:48) – What level of churn do you see in your business?

(17:27) – What are some keys to maintaining HOA relationships?

(20:58) – How does pricing power work in HOA Management?

(22:16) – How have you approached the decentralized nature of the company?

(25:36) – What value propositions did you see were missing in this market?

(31:19) – How do you maintain such a high level of care?

(33:04) – What are some revenue lines and growth opportunities you seen with HOA Management companies?

(37:13) – What are some no-code or automation tools you’ve found to be effective?

(40:55) – What’s the philosophy around having smaller teams?

(50:31) – What are the pros and cons of doing this as a partnership?

(53:55) – Were there any exercises you did on trying to find a career you would enjoy and feel fulfilled in?

(1:02:51) – What are some strongly held beliefs that you’ve changed your mind on?

(1:06:36) – What’s the best business you’ve ever seen?

(1:10:52) – More on CAM Collective

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