Issue #22: Building Community

I wrote in my 2019 annual letter that I was pondering what to do with the Think Like an Owner online community. In the letter I stated my goal “to connect others in this space who weren’t aware of each other and encourage them to share ideas.” I don’t think that goal was being achieved with the online community and I made the decision this week to close it. Thank you to everyone who joined and gave it a try, I’m sorry it didn’t create the community I hoped it would.

I’m looking for other ways to connect professionals in this space. This year, if the current environment allows, I’d like to organize happy hour meet-ups and find other ways to meet each other in-person. I’m very open to ideas here, please don’t hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts. I will also be going to Capital Camp this year in September and would love to meet you there if you’ll be going. Let me know if you are and let’s connect beforehand.

You may have noticed many of my links are from Twitter. I believe Twitter is a more effective community building tool than anything I could build from scratch. I will be focusing my efforts on Twitter to share and encourage others to participate. If you aren’t on Twitter today, I highly recommend it as it is the most powerful networking tool I’ve ever used and there is a growing community of small company investors.

Whether it’s through Twitter, this newsletter, happy hours, or something else, the goal of my project remains the same. Learn about building a portfolio of small, private companies and share that learning to build lasting friendships with smart and interesting people. While the community didn’t achieve this goal, something else will. We just need to find it.

Capital Notes

If you found an interesting article, podcast, or interview that I missed, please let me know, I’m always looking for interesting stuff.


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